Giramondo, the: A person who loves to travel and explore new things even in well-known territories. Passionate writer all along, including attempted novel-writing at the age of 9. Lover of sunshine. Would sell soul(s) to the devil for great food and even better coffee. Open senses for all the beauty and weirdness out there. Stories, pictures, chats, smiles, sounds, places, flavours, words, cats, smells, street art, wine bottles and occasional silly stuff I find funny – trying to snatch them all and share them on this blog.

Me being as German as possible at Oktoberfest (never going back there by the way).

About me

I’m Maria Segat, 26 years old, from a small town in a German state, both of which are so long they have to be hyphenated so people won’t lose their temper halfway through. I was born and raised in Germany, but my dad is Italian so I gesture and swear a lot, which greatly adds up to my entertainment value or being a pain in the ass, depending on if you’re a jerk or not your perspective.

I spent the last years studying Applied Literary and Cultural Studies with minors in journalism and political sciences in Dortmund, Germany, and now that I am (almost) graduated, I’m busy trying to find my purpose in life. For starters, creating this blog seems like a good idea. Feel free to leave a comment on my collected encounters with the wild world out there, I’d appreciate it. Also, thanks for swinging by, your visit probably made my day.

Any questions, thoughts, criticism, coffee invitations? Care for some more info? Shoot me a message at mariasegat@gmx.de.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Maria, I was just browsing through your blog, but it’s written so worth reading that you want to read more about it. Great humor wrapped around your experiences and travel details. Keep up the good work. Greetings from “Dorf Rauxel” ;0)

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  2. Congrats on your work on here! I know it’s old but I hope you continue writing and sharing your words with the world! Congrats on being published! Hope your 2018 has been well so far! What made you want to share your work?

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