Diary of Public Transport

Or for those German speakers, here goes my U-Bahn-Tagebuch

A few months ago, when I was living in Hamburg, Germany, I started to notice that there is a lot of crazy stuff going down on public transportation services. Like seriously, I witnessed things those days. And I started thinking: if I have to take this demented bullshit all the time, why not share it with other people so they can have a laugh as well? I started posting about my encounters with the everyday-madness on Facebook and apparently, it wasn’t just me to find this stuff hilarious.

Since moving away from Hamburg in August 2015, the public transport idiocy in my life has ceased quite a bit. Living in Italy right now, I don’t use public transport very much (lucky me cause, you know, timetables aren’t really a thing here). Instead I usually drive around in a Volkswagen Beetle decorated all over with a humanized potato (all with eyes and everything), therefore I’m fairly sure that I am a bigger part of the transportation lunacy than most people around me. And that, for sure, is to say a lot, considering that Italians drive like CRAZY. (As to the potato car – yes, I’m being serious about that even though I wish I wasn’t. I’ll get to this…)

Anyways, I decided to share my top experiences on the German public transport with you here. May there be many more to come when I move back to Germany soon (or really not, some of that stuff is just gross).

As you might have noticed, the language used mainly on this blog is English. This is not because I am a native English-speaker or because I believe I can express myself perfectly in this language, but has the simple reason that I love this language and I like to use it.

With this category though, things are a bit different, because shit German people say on the subway just can’t be translated without making it sound completely retarded (which in this case, wouldn’t be that much of a change, but you get the point).

Ready for some German weird stuff? Here you go.