Cookies and a Holy Man

When an old man in a white dressing gown visits your city, it’s usually not something many people will take note of. In this case though, people made a hell of a fuss about it. Well, to be honest, he wasn’t exactly wearing a dressing gown and to be even more honest, he was also the Pope, so you could kind of see where all the excitement was coming from (or could you?). Continue reading

A walk in Florence

From where I live right now, Florence is the next big city – and boy, it’s a big one. At least in terms of flawless, jaw-dropping beauty behind every corner. I usually go there on the weekends and I’m sure if I went on doing so for the next 20 years, I could still discover something new everytime. For now, I wanted to share some impressions with you that I stumbled across on my last few walks through Florence. Be sure that these will be contributed to soon enough! Continue reading

The Giramondo

Giramondo – that’s Italian for globetrotter. And a giramondo of some sorts, that’s what I like to see myself as.

I’m not yet too sure where I’m headed in life, but there’s two things I know about myself for sure: I love traveling. And I have always been a passionate writer. So, well – starting a traveling blog seems like a quite natural consequence. I have been thinking about starting this blog for quite some time, but for some reason or the other, it had to become November 2015 for me to pluck up the courage to finally do it.

For every wonderful place that I got to visit in the last years, I thought of some lines, comments, tips, impressions to write about, but then I never did. I tend to think it’s a shame I didn’t, but why be harsh on yourself? Instead, I’m glad that finally today, I walked into the one place that made me think: you need to write about this! So if you would like to find out about the wonderful afternoon that finally convinced me to start travel-writing, be thrilled to read my very first blog post whatsoever.