Tuscany’s most underrated city: 8 ½ reasons to get off the beaten track

Ok, I get it, anything that is located in the close vicinity of Florence, one of the world’s capitals of arts and awesome, is hard to appreciate. But even apart from the home town of Dante and many others, Tuscany is a particularly gorgeous spot on the world map – and you could say it is highly appreciated by travelers. You could also choose to say that it is SWAMPED by tourists, which would be the much more accurate description. Continue reading

Afternoon magic, or: there’s always a first time

As I’m living in Tuscany, Italy, right now, there’s a lot to see, a lot to do, a lot to experience – and a lot to eat all the time. Although I enjoy the privilege of being able to explore new places every weekend in this beautiful country, I have the tendency to get stressed out by the sheer endlessness of possibilities. Continue reading