The Parisian Pencil

As you might have noticed from my clumsy love letter to my dear friend I recently traveled to Paris. To be fair, it isn’t even that recently anymore, but I all the more wanted to share some of the beautiful places I saw along my way through this miraculous city. I don’t really have a thing for the big monuments (and the sun always seems to be in the wrong place when I try to snap their picture). What I do love is street art of various kinds – although even here I probably couldn’t tell a crappy one from a good one. Is it a Rembrandt or a guy who got wasted and found a pencil, I couldn’t care less. Give it up for some street art, artsy streets and anything in between from the one and only, Paris:


Credit goes out to all the trashed street art Rembrandts out there. Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

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