Making furry friends in Myanmar (but not only)

Myanmar is beautiful – people, landscapes, food, cities, temples, beaches, you name it. Something else I can never overlook when traveling are the lovely creatures roaming the streets. Today, I want to give some credit to Myamars animals because I couldn’t walk past one of them without “awwww”ing – at least that’s true for most of them (the giant spiders were a whole different topic, but even if I’d wanted to take pictures of them, I was freaking out way too much to hold a camera). The ones in here are all just cute and fluffy, I promise.

I just couldn’t choose to leave some of them out, so click the pictures to enlarge and be overrun with cuteness!

How about a little game of “spot the kitty” with this one:


And here’s my all time favourite – the shot and the cat. I met this little ball of fur fittingly, in the Jumping Cat Monastery at Inle Lake. It didn’t jump of course, cause it’s way too sassy. I mean look at it!


Do you consider yourself a cat or a dog person? I personally don’t understand that concept at all – I just love them furry ones! Do you interact with animals at all when you travel? Are you allergic to cats but still cuddle with them because you’re weird like me? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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